Fambit launched

Welcome to your fridge door online !

Registration and sign-in to the service is now possible on our site http://www.fambit.com.

Listening to our customers
Before launching the service to the public we organized a closed Beta testing with a number of real users in order to collect real-life feedback. The feedback was very useful and we were able to improve the user experience quite a lot. We continue to listen to the user voice going forward. In addition to a dedicated feedback channel available on our service site, we encourage our customers to actively raise opinions and ideas on our Facebook page (fambit).

Free service with premium features
Registration to Fambit is free-of-charge. All essential features are available for free. Fambit introduces two optional features to upgrade the basic package.

Mobile Reminder helps you set up reminders to yourself or to other family members. For example, you can set up Fambit to send a reminder to the mobile phone of your spouse 30 minutes before she/he needs to leave to pick up your child from the school. The Reminder feature has practically a worldwide coverage; from Austria to Zambia. The recurring monthly payment can be done with PayPal, the leading online payment provider.

The other premium feature is Kidfinder. With Kidfinder you can see where your child is at this moment. The only requirement is that your child carries a mobile phone that is switched on. Sensitive privacy aspects in Kidfinder are taken into account. Kidfinder is now available in Finland. We support online payment methods of all Finnish banks.


2 Responses to “Fambit launched”

  1. Paul Says:

    Nice work. Your website layout is a little large and requires adjusting to see Twitter points. Too much Finnish appears on the site even when clicking the English language icon particularly via twitter and same in Facebook. I know your testing in Finland but why not have a twitter in Finnish and site in Finnish on the Finnish side. Going international it would be easier to keep the information simple and in English. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

    • fambit Says:

      Thanks Paul. You are right, it is not consistant to show almost purely Finnish discussion feed on the English site. Actually it is not Twitter but Get Satisfaction, kinda customer relationship system. We probably rather remove the feed from the English version until we can provide a support feed in the same language.

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