Fambit on blogs

Fambit has gained a good visibility in the blogosphere after the service was launched a couple of weeks ago. Below, some of the blog-sites writing about Fambit. Equally, the Twitter traffic referring to Fambit has increased dramatically. You can follow our  Twitter feed and our Facebook page.

Blogsites in English:

KillerStartups:  Fambit.com, bring your whole family online

TechMe2 : audio interview with Fambit co-founder Markku Ranta

Technopolis Online: 55 Finnish Startups Everybody should Know About

VisionWiz : Extend the family converstations online and store all the things to remember

The WebBlend : Fambit, Online Family Conversation System

Go4WebApps : Online family conversation system

I want to : Fambit, service for a better family life

Stunmedia : Fambit.com – Bring your family Online

FeedMyApp : Family First – Welcome to your family online

NeuroSoftware : Fambit – bring your whole family online

Newsit : Fambit, bring your family online

Blogsites in Spanish :

Dotpod Fambit, red social privada para la familia

Visualbeta : Fambit, una red sociala para la familia


One Response to “Fambit on blogs”

  1. eero Says:

    Moi Pertti,

    ensinnäkin onnea launcinnne johdosta!
    Pieni huomio: Esittelytekstin otsikosta saa käsityksen, että premium (tasoiset?) palvelut ovat free-of-charge. Itse tekstissä kuitenkin käytetään nimeä premium maksullisille lisäpalveluille. Onko tarkoiteksella kumpaankin viitattu premiumina? Hieman sekava.
    Anyway täytyypä tilata se jälkimmäinen premiun palvelunne 😉
    t. eero

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