Fambit family calendar puts the family together

Fambit has renewed the calendar view and functionality during the summer months.Hobbies, events and activities of all family-members are shown on one view visualized with graphical icons.

The key design principle supports collaboration within the family. Each family member can create and edit events. Everybody can update the calendar or maybe there is somebody in the family who keeps the updates for the others. Fambit calendar suits well for both practices.

The family calendar can be printed on paper and put on the wall or fridge door. If your family is subscribed to the Mobile Reminder (one of the optional features of Fambit), you can set Fambit to send a reminder to the mobile phone of selected family member or members. No more forgotten obligations or birthdays in the family.

There are many interesting paths to develop the family calendar further. We hope to get user comments in selecting the rights priorities. Please leave your thoughts as comments to this blog entry or directly to our user community:  http://fambit.community.com


Fambit is your fridge door online: http://www.fambit.com

Fambit is a novel community service designed for families. It is a trusted site even for smaller children.


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