Fambit: Tasks help in daily routines

The new Task feature at http://www.fambit.com is shown on the top of the main page of the service. Everybody in the family can create tasks for him/herself or anybody (or, all) family-member.

A task can be identified as “sticky” (symbolized with the blue pin). This is a simple but a useful invention.

Fambit tasks

Many tasks in our life actually are routines. A sticky / routine task does not disappear when it is done. You may have personal routines or you may assign such tasks to somebody else. For example, you may create a task to yourself like “workout” or “water the flowers”. In the family life, there are many tasks that just wait for somebody to accomplish them: “take garbage out”, or “hoovering”.

Done task

At Fambit, you can immediately see when and who has completed a task.

We are  developing an exciting new feature that adds game-like experience around the routine tasks. We will communicate more about this very soon.


Fambit is your fridge door online: http://www.fambit.com

Fambit is a novel community service designed for families. It is a trustworthy site even for smaller children.


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