Pets and social media

To our knowledge, Fambit is the only social network in the world that allows pets to be active members of the community. We think it is quite natural for a family service like Fambit since house animals require care and management in the same way as the human family-members.

In Fambit, you can assign tasks and calendar entries for any family-member concerned, including the pet. All in all, the booking for the vet is for your dog and not for yourself!

In addition, your pet can contribute to the content in your Fambit  family by posting new status notes or comments or leaving cheers to others. Well, obviously it is not your pet him/herself typing the keyboard 🙂

Your kids probably would love to talk on behalf of your pet. A quick switch of user identity happens in Fambit by clicking the avatar image of the note input box. No password is required in case of pets.


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