Social painting in Fambit

We have added an easy-to-use drawing tool inside the Fambit experience. In few seconds you can create colorful paintings and post them to the Fambit wall. The whole family can enjoy  your creation and shoot comments or cheers at you. Just click the funny-looking Drawing Board widget and you are ready to start.

Even beginners can use the Drawing Board . We hope that especially the younger members of the family discover the Drawing Board since it is a great tool for self-expression. The tool grows with your experience. As the matter of fact, it fulfills even the needs of professional designers.

The developer of the painting tool is Sumopaint Ltd, a small Finnish software company. Sumopaint is one of the leaders in web-based software for graphical editing.

For beginners, even the default Brush tool is extremely versatile with a huge selection of brush shapes, ready-made forms, sizes and colors.

Fambit is about social engagement and participation within your family

Fambit  encourages to social engagement in all its features. In the trusted family environment everybody can create stories, events, share photos ,and now self-created paintings, to the whole family. Everybody can add value and emotions by posting comments, smilies and cheers to all postings.

When you have finished with your creative work, you share your painting with one click to the What’s New wall of Fambit where others can shoot their valuable comments.  Fambit memorizes all the content created in your family. Many years later it is great to check out what your kids were doing and writing when they were young.


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