Social Calendar of Fambit gets even better

The shared calendar of Fambit is the most social time-management tool available. Other digital calendars like Google or Outlook are made for one user. In Fambit, the same calendar view is shared among all family-members. All members can add or edit entries in the calendar. Others get the notification about the changes on the main view of Fambit and if so wish, by email.

Now Fambit calendar gets even better:

Files and photos in the calendar
Now you can add files and photos to calendar events. For example, attach the concert tickets and electronic flight tickets to the corresponding calendar entry. You keep all the important documents in order. Where can you find the fixtures for your children’s soccer tournament? Attached to the Fambit Calendar, naturally. After the tournament you can add the photos you took to the Event.

Editing and commenting imported calendars
You can now comment and delete events from imported calendars, just like any other Calendar Event. For example, having imported your child’s piano lessons from Google Calendar, you can then delete the event for those days the child can’t participate. This way you can keep the Family Calendar up to date.

Plan Your Life Also With Friends That Are Not Using Fambit

Fambit makes it easier to find common free-time. With the new feature you can share read access to your family’s weekly agenda with anyone! The shared view shows the free/busy times for each family member. Specific Event details, such as the Event’s location or name are not revealed outside your Fambit family. With this feature, you can easily organize the day care times or find time for a dinner with your friends.

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